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O.S.E.S. (Open-Source Entertainment System); Utilizing Arduino

In response to the increased prices of modern portable gaming systems, hindering them extremely unconventional and inaccessible, O.S.E.S. was created. O.S.E.S. is an affordable, open-source and ergonomic entertainment system alternative. This project is very easy to assemble yourself because all component and parts are easy to find and cheap on Digikey, eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, etc. The enclosure and body of O.S.E.S. was designed in Autodesk Inventor and the STL files will be provided above so that anyone can 3d print it themselves. An Arduino Pro Micro was used for this project because of its ability to communicate via USB to other devices, enabling it to emulate a keyboard. It is also very small, lightweight and consumes very little power. The code is self-explanatory and is also provided below.”

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