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Whats up everyone!Does anybody remember Google Glasses? No? It’s okay, Google probably doesn’t remember them either. Maybe because it was over priced or that they marketed to everyone or maybe just because you had to say, “take a picture” just to take a picture. But it still was a pretty cool idea. This instructable will guide you through the steps I used to make an AR Headset, that will display the date, time, and text messages from your phone. It will also allow you to take pictures from the headset itself all controlled with a gesture sensor (yup, its gesture controlled, no touching required).I got the idea when I went mountain biking with my brother. On that same day, we were supposed to meet up with our dad for lunch, so I had to continually check the time. It was really annoying to have to keep stopping to check my phone (any mountain bikers out there). So, I came up with the idea to make a headset that would display the time so I wouldn’t have to rely on my phone as much. Overall, this AR Headset will allow you to check your phone less and be more focused on the task at hand. It is all controlled by an Arduino pro mini. This combined with an HC-06, a tiny OLED screen and a Gesture sensor and you get a sweet, relatively cheap AR head seat. It also has magnetic charging!! (see video above and step 7 for more details). The four main steps are, creating an enclosure, coding some code, assembling the electronics and combining them all.”

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