IoT: Weather Box (with Custom Alarms & Timers)

I was, some time ago, quite interested in IoT projects and so I thought it would be fun to make something associated with the Internet. I recently purchased the micro-controller called the nodeMCU and it’s superb. After having decided to build a weather station that would display all the weather information with just a push of a button, I delved into the first step of making it. But, there is something that remains to be added. That is, it’s not just confined to doing simply that much(displaying the weather information of my city), but also it is able to keep your alarms and timers for you. Doesn’t that sound cool?! That means it’s like an Alarm clock with custom timers combined with a Weather station. It also does a fair job of displaying the time and date. It works with the nodeMCU and quite a few other components included in the build. Still, it could be exposed suitably for more improvement like the addition of more features. I have also used a DHT11 temperature sensor for measuring the room’s temperature in which this weather box of ours may be in, besides fetching information from the internet about the weather. So that you can have a good comparison between the both. I also decided to use an MQTT server for uploading this information on the web so that i can, from anywhere, have a look at the local weather information sensed by this prototype. I guess that will suffice the introduction part.”


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