SMPS || Charge Your Laptop in a Car

In this instructable, I have made a SMPS circuit which can be used to charge your laptop in a car or from any 12V battery. You can plug your existing charger in the circuit. It is not an inverter. Basically it’s a DC DC converter, which takes 12V DC as an input and generated 220V DC as an output. The output power is 200W . Now you might be thinking that output is 220V DC and not an AC, while in our home, the grid supply is an AC voltage so how will laptop charger operate on 220V DC? Well, i must say that in any SMPS based charger, the first stage is rectification stage, after that it is processed to low voltage, so it doesn’t matter whether you provide either AC voltage or DC voltage it will be rectified to DC only. Remember, this is a DC DC converter so, don’t try to connect any inductive load on it.”


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