Mint Tin AVR Programmer/Prototyper

A lot of the projects I make are more about having fun and doing something weird and different than about being practical. With this project, I built a tool that really streamlined things as far as programming microcontrollers goes, and it enabled me to do more fun and weird things more quickly and easily than I would have been able to do without it. Now, if you’ve done stuff with the Arduino you’ve probably had some old timer mumble something about ‘…in my day…AVR…C…’ and if you tune in to the mumbling you will learn that, for example, code for a simple project can fit on a nice little ATTiny chip which will run you a buck or two (a ‘buck’ being a US dollar for readers in the rest of the world). So it is in fact worth the trouble to spend a bit of time working out the details of programming them using a programmer (~$20, or you can use an Arduino to program them, or you can, of course, make your own) and the AVR toolchain.”


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