DIY Self Sustaining Solar Powered Backyard Hydroponic Garden

Lester was an average man of slim yet tall stature. His long curly hair lent strongly to the image of a pot smoker. When the word hydroponics would leave his lips in conversation, the first thing people would imagine is him growing pot to support his habit. But Lester just wanted to grow some fucking vegetables, fruits, and maybe some nice herbs he can put in his shitty tomato sauce only he seems to like. Lester needed something he could have out of the way, be convenient, and not make the yard a dump only the alcohol enthusiasts at the liquor store down the street would be proud of. He also needed to avoid long and wordy run on sentences that annoy the living shit out of him. So one uneventful day at work he decided to get off his lazy ass and stop by Home Depot and the local hydroponic store for supplies to get started.”


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