Egor V.1 Animatronic: basic, autonomous, low cost artificial character.

After posting my previous two advanced animatronic models, I wanted to get back to basics and show you how to make a character for around 30 pounds using easily accessible gear. There will be no 3D printing..C.A.D or anything of the such, we are going back to the 80’s at the height of animatronics with this system design (minus arduino and processing control of course). In order to keep the cost down we will be using what may be considered non-standard design. The objective of this tutorial is to create a simple autonomous animatronic characters that will run a constant high variable loop which will produce some interesting features. I will also create a simple controller for the mouse so you will be able to take this element out of autonomous control and into man operation smoothly for more focused mouth function. This may be useful if you want to make a character that needs to manually replicate voice output for the character. I want to state here that the objective of this project is not to create something super polished and smooth, but fun and hopefully open you up to thinking about how you could adapt the foundation of this system for yourself. I hope you enjoy this tutorial and if you like it progress on to one of my other my complex systems.”


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