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In this instructable, I am trying to present a project that combines art with engineering. A machine that plays the flute. It controls notes using Arduino. Various tune or song can be programmed on Arduino, which Arduino plays on flute. There is no limit to use the Arduino controls that plays the flute. I tried the following ways to use it to play music:
Simply coding the song and playing it,
Playing tones using a Random function.
A specific scale and rules can be defined on Arduino, such that it can compose (in realtime) and play a beautiful melody.
A microphone can be attached to Arduino. So you have to sing in the microphone, Arduino detects the frequency and plays the flute such that it follows whatever note you sing.
Please check the video for the demo in which I tried to play the Titanic theme.

So, there are various ways to use it.

To make this instrument, it is required to have a basic understanding of flute playing or at least some help from the person who knows flute playing.

There are broadly three sections of this instructable.

First is to make a PVC flute. A ready-made flute can also be used but making is more fun and you can have more control over design.
Second is to make hardware that plays the flute. this includes preparing electronics and mechanical arrangement.
The third part is to make a program to play the song. this includes not only song but also creating a program/function that is required to write the song.”

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