LED Arduino Beer Pong Table

Our project is an LED light up entertainment table, or colloquially, a Beer Pong table. We got the idea from a group of students last year who also built a beer pong table for their final project, and we learned about their design and made some significant changes that we thought would make the project better. The use of the beer pong table is for beer pong. There are ten LED rings on each side for the ten cups, and then there is an 8*30 matrix of LED’s in the center of the table that we can program to make any design we want. We added a microphone, so that we could make the table bass reactive. We also added a rotary switch and 3 buttons so that we could change between designs, change the score for both sides, and turn the LED rings on and off. The rotary switch changes between pre-programmed designs for the center matrix of LED’s, two of the buttons change the score for each side which is then displayed in the matrix of LED’s, and one button turns the LED rings on and off.”


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