Flip-Flop CyliBot

This is an Android controlled, Bluetooth signaled, 3-wheeled, 3D printed cylinder shaped Arduino bot that flip-flops when quickly reversing directions. The genesis for this bot came after I had polished off a can of Pepperidge Farm Creme Filled Pirouette Rolled Wafers. I naively thought, stick motors and wheels on each end, an Arduino in the middle, and away it goes. After destroying the can, due to too much cutting and bending, I 3D printed a body. After a few iterations I had a cylinder bot. It turned out that the body would spin more than the wheels (I did not take mechanical engineering 101). Because I didn’t want to spend the time implementing the software to control the acceleration rate, I instead added a 3rd wheel in the center which prevents the body from spinning. It also has the desired effect of flip-flopping, something I remembered that one of my kids’ RC cars had done. It no longer looks like a sleek cylinder, but because I liked the name, it stuck.”


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