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My family and friends are increasingly spread out across the country or even across the globe and keeping in touch can be a problem. This is especially true for someone like myself who doesn’t really like to talk on the phone much. In addition, there are problems with people’s hectic life styles and conflicting schedules. When you think of your friend or family member you may be too busy to call them that instant or if you do they may be to busy talk. Thus the spontaneity of the thought can and usually does fade away. I was thinking about these issues in relation to my sisters who are located across the US. I wanted something that would virtually instantaneously let my sisters know I was thinking of them but that was totally non intrusive. I wanted them to know without having to disrupt what they are doing with a phone call or text message. And vice versa, when the thought struck them they could let me know they were thinking of me as well. With these thoughts in mind I designed what I call a Thinking of You or ToY device. These are small Internet connected devices meant to be used in a home, apartment or work place. They should be placed on a desk at the office or in the living room at home where they can easily be seen and interacted with. Each ToY device has a single push button switch and an RGB LED for user interaction.”


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