Arduino Robotic Arm

Since its my first project after the 15 tutorials of my Arduino starter kit, the real purpose of it is to get some critics, tips, suggestions, ideas from anyone who knows more than me. This project is about a robotic arm, with 4 dofs and a grip. With a decently low budget: the structure has been cut by a friend, the 4 servos were 30, the 2 joysticks 4, bolts screw etc. for less than 10 and all the rest (Arduino, wires, grips servo etc.) was already included in my starter kit. For a total of 40-45 which are about 45-50 US dollars (the same price of a me-arm kit, but hey, it was fun to have to build it by myself (and mess something up once in a while) and not following instructions like a machine).”


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