DIY Wireless Joystick (Wireless Gaming)

In this instructables I will show you how you can build your own joystick using Arduino and RF transceiver. I used a joystick module and 5 buttons. Using joystick you can control mouse cursor & using buttons you can implement 5 keys of the keyboard. I implemented W, A, S, D and Space as these are the most commonly used buttons for games. You can implement your own choice. There are two units for the system, transmitter (your joystick) & receiver connected to your PC. You may use any Arduino board or standalone ATmega microcontroller for the transmitter unit but it is convenient to use Arduino Micro, Pro Micro, DUE or Leonardo for the receiver unit because all the board used 32U4 controller comes equipped with a full-speed USB transceiver. Low cost 433MHz RF transceiver was used for wireless communication.”


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