Enginursday: Doing Away with Delay() in a Different Way

Last week, my esteemed colleague MTaylor explored a solution to scheduling periodic tasks on Arduino. In the comments, several people mentioned that a Real Time Operating System (RTOS) might be a more flexible and generic solution to the timing and scheduling problem. I’ve done a lot of programming with RTOS on larger microcontrollers, like the Motorola 68000 and various ARM7 chips, but hadn’t yet used one on an 8-bit micro. This seemed like an opportune time to do a survey of RTOS, hopefully finding one that could fit on small microcontrollers, and that wouldn’t take a lot of effort to get working. My goal was to have something that I could use on a RedBoard or ProMini, both of which are based on the Atmel ATMega328P, a member of the AVR family.”


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