LibreOffice is a productivity package. This software package is actively developed by the community being managed by the Document Foundation.
It is a package of tools that allow you to work in an office environment. It is currently in version 4.4.4.
The official website for this software package is available at Link.
It is a package of tools that works in the environment GNU / Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.


LibreOffice has several tools to address different needs:

  • Writer - Text Editor
  • Calc - Spreadsheet
  • Impress - Presentation Engine
  • Draw - Drawing application and flowcharting
  • Base - Database and front-end database
  • Math - Math Formulas Editor

The various tools allow you to import and export to Open (ODF) formats as well as proprietary Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Publisher formats.
Through the use of extensions it is possible to further extend the functionalities of these applications. Allow direct export to PDF format without additional tools.

There is a portable version for Windows that does not require it to be installed on your computer and can be run from a USB stick.
This version can be downloaded from this link.

It is a tool that replaces almost all the functionalities of other commercial packages.

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