The Word Clock - Arduino version

Last month I wanted to build a special gift for my beautiful wife, Megan. She has a teaching background in English, so what better present to make for her than a clock that uses language to tell the time for her desk at work. The original project that I created used a Microchip PIC microcontroller (16F877), because that’s what I had in the garage. Since I published it (, quite a few people, including my next door neighbor (Thanks Mikal) have asked me why I didn’t use an Arduino. Having never used one, my automatic reaction to Mikal was ‘Whats a one of those??” So, I did some research and found out what an Arduino was. Wow - they are so cool - so simple to develop for, and the barrier to entry is so low!. I ordered one from eBay, and re-designed the clock to use the Arduino Duemilanove as the controller.”


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