Feature rich PIC18 Microcontroller with an integrated 10Mbps Ethernet communications peripheral. This single-chip solution is ideal for applications requiring remote control and monitoring. Target applications include Idustrial Automation, Building Automation, Home control, Security and Instrumentation.

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PixPoE: Putting Plenty of Pixels Wherever You Can Plumb Some Cat5!

“I love to work on lighting projects, and having done my fair share of NeoPixel/WS2812b-based installations, I can tell you from experience that sometimes it can be really tricky nailing down a fully comprehensive design that “just works” when …

PoE-Powered VFD Tube Clock

“This is a vintage VFD tube clock that uses Ethernet for both power and data. The power is provided using 802.3at PoE+ and a Molex PD Jack that contains both integrated magnetics and a PoE Type 2 PD controller …