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The MIC29510 and MIC29512 are high-current, high-accuracy, low-dropout voltage regulators featuring fast transient recovery from input voltage surges and output load current changes. These regulators use a PNP pass element that features proprietary Super βeta PNP® process. The MIC29510/2 is available in two versions: the 3-pin fixed output MIC29510 and the 5-pin adjustable output voltage MIC29512. All versions are fully protected against overcurrent faults, reversed input polarity, reversed lead insertion, over-temperature operation, and positive and negative transient voltage spikes. A TTL-compatible enable (EN) control pin supports external on/off control. If on/off control is not required, the device may be continuously enabled by connecting EN to IN. The MIC29510/2 is available in the standard 3- and 5-pin TO-220 package with an operating junction temperature range of 0°C to +125°C.