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The LTC1871 is a wide input range, current mode, boost, flyback or SEPIC controller that drives an N-channel power MOSFET and requires very few external components. Intended for low to medium power applications, it eliminates the need for a current sense resistor by utilizing the power MOSFET’s on-resistance, thereby maximizing efficiency. The IC’s operating frequency can be set with an external resistor over a 50kHz to 1MHz range, and can be synchronized to an external clock using the MODE/SYNC pin. Burst Mode operation at light loads, a low minimum operating supply voltage of 2.5V and a low shutdown quiescent current of 10μA make the LTC1871 ideally suited for battery-operated systems. For applications requiring constant frequency operation, Burst Mode operation can be defeated using the MODE/ SYNC pin. Higher output voltage boost, SEPIC and flyback applications are possible with the LTC1871 by connecting the SENSE pin to a resistor in the source of the power MOSFET.