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The LT3461/LT3461A are general purpose fixed frequency current mode step-up DC/DC converters. Both devices feature an integrated Schottky and a low VCESAT switch allowing a small converter footprint and lower parts cost. The LT3461 switches at 1.3MHz while the LT3461A switches at 3MHz. These high switching frequencies enable the use of tiny, low cost and low height capacitors and inductors. The constant switching frequency results in predictable output noise that is easy to filter, and the inductor based topology ensures an input free from switching noise typically present with charge pump solutions. The high voltage switch in the LT3461/LT3461A is rated at 40V making the device ideal for boost converters up to 38V. The LT3461/LT3461A are available in a low profile (1mm) SOT-23 package.

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“Ground Penetrating Radar using Arduino This project aims the development of a very low cost (under 300 USD components cost) Ground Penetrating Radar. The acquired data can be visualized onboard, in real time, as well as stored and transferred to …