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The LPC82x MCU family provides higher integration over the LPC81x MCU family with a larger memory footprint, doubling maximum flash and SRAM size, an 18-ch DMA, addition of more I2C serial interfaces and a 12-bit 1.2Msps ADC. Unique to this price level, this family provides three select peripherals to ease transition into the 32-bit space. The switch matrix provides designers the flexibility to map pins accordingly to simplify component routing on a PCB. Another unique ability of this family comes through the use of the SCTimer, which can be configured to generate a variety of timing or PWM waveforms without the intervention from the CPU. To simplify serial communication requirements, the pattern match engine can be configured to generate interrupts from user configurable Boolean operations on its 8 pins. The LPC800 series shares critical pinouts through the range of subfamilies and packages and customers can easily swap or scale packages and subfamilies as their needs change. This device is fully supported by NXP’s MCUXpresso Software and Tools, a comprehensive and cohesive set of free software development tools for Kinetis, LPC and i.MX RT microcontrollers. MCUXpresso SDK also includes project files for Keil MDK and IAR EWARM.



“I put this project together for the OSH Park Bring A Hack meetup at the 2016 Bay Area Maker Faire. It’s Tricorder inspired, but can’t quite sense everything, so the name “Bicorder” seemed fitting. It currently has a …