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The LP2985 family of fixed-output, low-dropout regulators offers exceptional, cost-effective performance for both portable and nonportable applications. Available in voltages of 1.8 V, 2.5V, 2.8 V,29V,3V,31V,33V,5V, and 10 V, the family has an output tolerance of 1% for the A version (1.5% for the non-A version) and is capable of delivering 150-mA continuous load current. Standard regulator features, such as overcurrent and overtemperature protection, are included.

Breadboard Voltmeter

“A small voltmeter that sits on a breadboard’s power rails I wanted to try out the ATtiny85 and get some practice hand-soldering QFN components, so I built a basic voltmeter that sits on the power rails of a breadboard …