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The LMx31 family of voltage-to-frequency converters are ideally suited for use in simple low-cost circuits for analog-to-digital conversion, precision frequency-to-voltage conversion, long-term integration, linear frequency modulation or demodulation, and many other functions. The output when used as a voltage-to-frequency converter is a pulse train at a frequency precisely proportional to the applied input voltage. Thus, it provides all the inherent advantages of the voltage-to-frequency conversion techniques, and is easy to apply in all standard voltage-to-frequency converter applications. Further, the LMx31A attain a new high level of accuracy versus temperature which could only be attained with expensive voltage-to-frequency modules. Additionally the LMx31 are ideally suited for use in digital systems at low power supply voltages and can provide low-cost analog-to-digital conversion in microprocessor-controlled systems. And, the frequency from a battery-powered voltage-to-frequency converter can be easily channeled through a simple photo isolator to provide isolation against high common-mode levels. The LMx31 uses a new temperature-compensated band-gap reference circuit, to provide excellent accuracy over the full operating temperature range, at power supplies as low as 4 V. The precision timer circuit has low bias currents without degrading the quick response necessary for 100-kHz voltage-to-frequency conversion. And the output are capable of driving 3 TTL loads, or a high-voltage output up to 40 V, yet is short-circuit-proof against VCC.

Inductance Meter

“An Arduino based meter to measure inductors. This project is a remake of an inductance meter by sagar saini. My variant has the following changes/additions: - ATtiny1614 CPU replaces Arduino UNO - LMV311 comparator replaces LM339 comparator - Battery powered with deep …

MyGlobe: Drawing 3D Images in Thin Air

“Exploiting the persistence of vision quirk of the human eye, the myGlobe project uses a single strip of 25 LEDs to produce a glowing orb of light that can display any image. To achieve this, we spin the myRIO controller …