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Linear Actuator

An electric linear actuator consists of a DC or AC motor, a series of gear and a Lead screw including a nut. This is in essence what all Linear Actuator consist of, and all that changes from Actuator to Actuator are the motor size, the gearing and the leadscrew style. Some other electronics help to perform the amount of stroke limit switching and positional feedback options, but basically an Actuator is nothing more than a motor, some gears and a leadscrew.

New Automated Driveway Gates

“This tutorial is for making DIY automated driveway gates for relatively cheap using Arduino, ESP8266, Raspberry Pi, and Blynk! Problem: My driveway is a public turn-around. Solution: gates. So we bought some gates, but getting out of the car to …

Control a Small Linear Actuator With Arduino

“This Arduino Linear Actuator Tutorial shows how to control a Firgelli Small Linear Actuator using an Arduino compatible board and various input sensors, including a Slider and Rotation Knob for direct control, Joystick for incremental movement, and three buttons with …