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The ISO15 is an isolated half-duplex differential line transceiver while the ISO35 is an isolated full-duplex differential line driver and receiver for TIA/EIA 485/422 applications. The ISO15M and ISO35M have extended ambient temperature ratings of –55°C to 125°C while the ISO15 and ISO35 are specified over –40°C to 85°C. These devices are ideal for long transmission lines because the ground loop is broken to allow for a much larger common-mode voltage range. The symmetrical barrier of the device is tested to provide isolatlion of 4000 VPK per VDE and 2500 VRMS per UL and CSA between the bus-line transceiver and the logic-level interface. Any cabled I/O can be subjected to electrical noise transients from various sources. These noise transients can cause damage to the transceiver and/or nearby sensitive circuitry if they are of sufficient magnitude and duration. These isolated devices can significantly increase protection and reduce the risk of damage to expensive control circuits.