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The HT7333A, HT73XX series is a set of three-terminal, low power, high voltage regulators implemented in CMOS technology. The series features extremely low quiescent current which is typically 4uA. They allow input voltages as high as 12V. The device provides large current with a significantly small dropout voltage. The HT7333A consists of a high-precision voltage reference, an error correction circuit, and a current limited output driver.

YouTube Subscriber Counter

“I always wanted a YouTube Subscriber Counter that look good and clean. With the availability of e-paper displays for hobbyists like us, this idea became a reality and I’ve seen many people doing it, but I want to take …

Tiny ESP8266 Dash-Button (Re-Configurable)

“This is a tiny ESP8266 based dash-button. It stays in deep sleep, once you press the button it performs a GET request to the specified URL and if configured also passes the supply voltage as a variable. The best part …