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EtherCAT Shield

EASE is an EtherCAT Arduino Shield developed by Esmacat to connect the larger Arduino ecosystem and other Arduino-like products. As an Arduino shield, EASE can easily fit onto an Arduino board or Arduino-like board (base board) that has an Arduino Uno form factor to create an EtherCAT slave subsystem in the larger EtherCAT system. Using EtherCAT communication, EASE can reliably communicate with other base boards through an EtherCAT master. This includes sending/receiving data from one base board board to another base board. For example, you can go simple like using one base board to measure the temperature outside to change the color of an LED or go advanced like controlling multiple large scale robotics to manufacture products. For whatever your application is, EASE is the perfect way to not only get into the world of EtherCAT, but to also connect multiple base boards to increase the scale of your Arduino based projects!