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Curiosity Board

The Curiosity Development Board supports Microchip’s 8-, 14- and 20-pin 8-bit PIC® MCUs. Dual-row expansion headers on either side of the socket offer flexibility of connectivity to all pins on the PIC MCUs. This board provides flexibility for experimentation through an application header with ground (GND) and supply voltage (VDD) connections. It also includes a set of indication LEDs, mTouch® button and push button switches, and a variable potentiometer. Additionally, it features a Bluetooth® low-energy footprint and a mikroBUS™ footprint to accommodate a variety of plug-in Click board™ sensors that can be used in application development.

Keyword Spotting with the SAME54 Curiosity Ultra

“Perform keyword spotting on Microchip’s SAME54 Curiosity Ultra with Edge Impulse. This tutorial will guide you through the process of setting up and running a pre-built keyword spotter on a SAME54 using a model developed with Edge Impulse. This …

Motor speed regulation without encoder

“For controlling DC motor speed, often the PWM method is used. Using this method you can accelerate or decelerate the motor speed, but without any feedback, the speed of the motor strongly depends on the conditions, like the motor load …