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Keyword Spotting with the SAME54 Curiosity Ultra

Perform keyword spotting on Microchip’s SAME54 Curiosity Ultra with Edge Impulse.

This tutorial will guide you through the process of setting up and running a pre-built keyword spotter on a SAME54 using a model developed with Edge Impulse. This tutorial includes the training data, trained model, and deployment code so you can get up and running quickly, but I’ll also be explaining how you can modify the project to develop your own keyword spotter.

Before You Start
Before we get started, you’ll need to install and set up the required software as detailed in the steps below.

1. Install the MPLAB IPE tool (available with the MPLAB X installer tool) if you just want to flash the included HEX file. If you plan on compiling your own code, you can skip this step and use MPLAB X to program the board instead.

2. Install the MPLAB X IDE and XC32 compiler. These are required to load the keyword spotting project and to program the SAME54 board. You can use the default, free license for the XC32 compiler as we won’t need any of the pro functionality here.

3. Create a free account with Edge Impulse if you haven’t already. We’ll use this to process our sensor data and generate the keyword spotting classifier library. The Edge Impulse Studio is an entirely web-based UI so no need to download anything locally.

4. Install the Edge Impulse Command Line Interface (CLI). We’ll need this to upload data to Edge Impulse Studio. If you’d prefer not to install this tool, you may use the upload data tool built into Edge Impulse Studio described here.

5. Finally, download the MPLAB X project from the GitHub repository linked to this guide which includes all the source code and configuration files required for this tutorial.

Configuring the Hardware
To enable audio collection for the SAME54, we first need to install the WM8904 daughterboard and configure the board’s jumpers appropriately. We’ll use Figure 2 (taken from the Users Guide) as a map for the different components on the board.”

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