The AIY Voice HAT connects the Raspberry Pi to the Google Assistant and is part of Google's AIY Voice Kit V1. It was created with the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B in mind but may be used with any Raspberry Pi featuring a 40-way header, such as the Raspberry Pi Zero. The HAT includes on-board hardware to facilitate audio capture and playback, connectors for the dual mic daughter board and speaker, GPIO breakouts to connect low-voltage components like micro-servos and sensors, and an optional barrel connector for dedicated power supply.

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The Interactive Storytelling Radio

“In this project we convert a neat looking radio into a voice-enabled, interactive storyteller. Future, here we come! Like most retrofitting projects, this one starts with some old electronics, to be precise, a Bjazzo Ts by Telefunken, made sometime during …

Monty Python’s Argument Bot

“In need of a good argument? Try the argument bot! A robot based on Monty Python’s Flying Circus argument sketch.”

A Voice-Controlled, Braille-Type Pattern Semaphore

“”Lord Vetinari stood at his window watching the semaphore tower on the other side of the river. All eight of the big shutters facing him were blinking furiously - black, white, black, white, black, white Information was flying into the air …

Candy Dispenser with Google Assistant

“By using IFTTT, the Google Assistant API, and a Particle Photon, you can make a machine that gives out candy upon your request! This is a comprehensive guide for building and using my Google Assistant Powered Candy Machine. It can …