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A wideband current feedback operational amplifier, the AD811 is optimized for broadcast-quality video systems. The -3 dB bandwidth of 120 MHz at a gain of +2 and differential gain and phase of 0.01% and 0.01° (RL = 150 W) make the AD811 an excellent choice for all video systems. The AD811 is designed to meet a stringent 0.1 dB gain flatness specification to a bandwidth of 35 MHz (G = +2) in addition to the low differential gain and phase errors. This performance is achieved whether driving one or two back terminated 75 W cables, with a low power supply current of 16.5 mA. Furthermore, the AD811 is specified over a power supply range of ±4.5 V to ±18 V. The AD811 is also excellent for pulsed applications where transient response is crititcal. It can achieve a maximum slew rate of greater than 2500 V/µs with a settling time of less than 25 ns to 0.1% on a 2 V step and 65 ns to 0.01% on a 10 V step. The AD811 is ideal as an ADC or DAC buffer in data acquisition systems due to its low distortion up to 10 MHz and its wide unity gain bandwidth. Because the AD811 is a current feedback amplifier, this bandwidth can be maintained over a wide range of gains. The AD811 also offers low voltage and current noise of 1.9nV/√Hz and 20 pA/√Hz, respectively, and excellent dc accuracy for wide dynamic range applications.