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The 32F429IDISCOVERY kit leverages the capabilities of the STM32F429 high-performance microcontrollers, to allow users to easily develop rich applications with advanced Graphic User interfaces.

Commodore 64 for STM32F429 Discovery board

“Yeah, the LCD is tiny at 2.4”, and the emulation runs about 15% slower than an NTSC C64. But it’s running on a small embedded board that’s available for under $30 US (DigiKey, Mouser, …) including mounted LCD …

Modular DIY GeigerMüller counter

“The GeigerMüller counter is a relatively simple tool to measure ionizing radiation. To increase sensitivity, construction presented here contains three (instead of one as usually) soviet STS-5 lamps. This is important for measurements of natural sources of (low) radiation …