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Global Earthquake Display

The crust of the Earth is in constant motion. It’s moving very, very slowly but in some places the pressure builds and builds and suddenly catastrophically releases in what a scientist would call a seismic event, or in more common parlance … an EARTHQUAKE!
This is an Internet Of Things desktop gadget which takes data from a publicly accessible database and displays the location and magnitude of earthquakes on a world map in nearly real time.
It is also an opportunity to showcase a different way of programming the ESP32 or ESP8266. Annex RDS enables these versatile IOT devices to be programmed in a very well featured version of the BASIC programming language.
The only things you will need for this project are an ESP32 board and an ILI9486, ILI9488 (480x320) or an ILI9341 (320x240) TFT display. Optionally an old USB lead for power and a 3D printed case if you want one of these to sit on your desk. I’ve designed a suitable case for this at the bottom of the Instructable.”

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