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ESP8266 Starter System

Self-contained starter system for ESP8266 projects. Includes a web console, web editable preferences system, event log, email capability

Esp8266 Starter System -

A Self-contained starter system for development of ESP8266 based projects

System includes the following base capabilities

WiFi support, including using WiFiManager to save credentials
A simple LittleFS based preferences system with web edit/save of configuration file (for non-wifi settings)
- A fully functioning system control website with

1) a system status view

2) a view/edit settings capability

3) an event history (logging) capability

4) some basic system controls (reset, clear WiFi settings, send email msg, etc)

- Code to send email using smtp services as well as integration of email settings into preferences system

- A simple event history system that records event messages strings along with a timestamp of when event happened

- Misc date and time utilities to help with displaying current date and time and elapsedmillis timestamps


ESP8266WiFi, DNSServer, ESP8266WebServer, WiFiManager, NTPClient, WiFiClient, LittleFS, time.h, TZ.h ElapsedMillis

All of these are likely available through the Arduino IDE Library Manager, but some may need to be installed files downloaded from github. I seem to have downloaded.zips for wifimanager, ntpclient, and elapsedmillis but I think they’re all available through library manager now.

This project was developed on a NodeMCU 1.0 ESP-12E module using the Arduino IDE 1.8.15, with this additional board manager:

The project implements a web control panel for management of the system

All of the pages of the control website include a left-side button panel with buttons that either link to other pages of the system or invoke operations.”

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