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In this crafting recipe I will show you how to make your own room meteostation (almost) from scratch. Without any 3D-printers or laser cutters!

It features CO2, humidity and temperature sensors, built in web server with settings and live charts, automatic constant readings logging (every 5 seconds), color indication for low/high levels of readings and sound alarm for high CO2 level with ability to set any monotonic melody you want.

As I tried to fulfill this “true DIY” philosophy of making as much as possible myself, I had to learn many new things and develop non-existent skills. I hope this instructable will motivate you to do the same! I should mention that this is actually my first Raspberry Pi project, and I had almost 0 experience with Linux OS (I only programmed on Windows so far). So I hope I didn’t failed too much in the eyes of experience Raspberian people!

Without further ado, lets get to the supplies and costs. A couple of notes here. “My price” is actual cost of all the parts I purchased. It’s higher than on Aliexpress or other stores, because its local electronics store and they have higher prices (I chose it for more reliable delivery). Also note that its hard to find some parts individually or in small quantities like 2x5 mm self tapping screws, for example. I ordered 100 g of them, 971 to be exact, but I still only included price of 8 that where used. Same thing with tools, because you can use tool for potentially unlimited amount of projects in future, it would be not right to include it’s full price in the final cost of a device. Besides, some of you might have most of the tools already. I salvaged buzzer from annoying UPS unit, so I didn’t had to buy it.


Raspberry Pi Zero W
8 Gb microSD card
2.8” 240x320 TFT LCD SPI
CO2 MH-Z19B sensor
Temp/Humd GY-21 HTU21 sensor
Temp/Humd SHT31-D IIC sensor
Passive Piezo Buzzer
5V PWR Supply for RPI
10 Wire Ribbon Cable 28AWG 50 cm
8x 2x5 mm Self Tapping Screws
4 mm A4 Sheet of FK (non-toxic) Sanded Plywood


Card Reader for microSD Card
Drill with 5 mm piece
Small Hand-held Jigsaw
Table Vice or couple of Clamps
7x2 mm File
4x4 mm File
Hard, Medium and Soft Sandpaper
Screwdriver (even better if comes with drill)
Sharp end tool (draw compass, needle, nail)
Polyvinyl Acetate (Wood) glue
Glue Gun with 1 Glue Rod
Soldering Iron
Solder with Flux Core
Acrylic Primer Spray Paint
Acrylic Lacquer Spray Paint Black (or other color)
Optional Instrument and Parts

3rd Hand for Soldering
2D Printer
Glue Stick (dry glue)
Dupont Crimper
20x2 Pin Male Connector
5x2 Dupont Case
6x1 Dupont Case
3x1 Dupont Case
2x 5x1 Dupont Case
2x 2x1 Dupont Case
3x 4x1 Dupont Case
50x Dupont Females
Even better – just buy Dupont kit with many different types”

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