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Finger Bend is a sensor created to find a way of making finger bends inside of a glove, control light and sound.
The idea behind this glove is to then connect it to a body suit with other eTextile sensors for Immersive Audiovisual Performances.
What inspired me to create this project was the vision of performing freely through body movements. It is our innate interface. From my view, it is the obvious tool, instead of a trackpad, mouse, tablet, controllers, joysticks

Stretch Piezoresistive Conductive Fabric
Copper Thread
Stretchy Jersey Fabric
non-conductive thread

Sewing machine
Computer with arduino and the library for the microcontroller* you are using if it is not yet installed
USB cable
Lighter or heat gun (for shrink tube)
Examples of Microcontrollers: Arduino Uno / Nano / Teensy / ESP32

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