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In our last instructable with Phillip, we went over the basics for making simple silicone molds in a home workshop with as few specialty tools and supplies as possible. We’re stepping up our game and introducing some more advanced techniques for making complete acrylic mold masters and working with different silicone formulations that require some extra tools and know-how. Check out the full video below to see his process as you follow along in this guide.
Inkscape - Free and Open Source Vector Based Design Software:
1/8” Cast Acrylic:
3/8” Cast Acrylic:
Nitrile Gloves Warning! Latex gloves will inhibit the silicone curing process, do not use them for any part of this project:
Isopropyl Alcohol
Metal Spatulas:
Smooth-On Mold Star 30 (coming soon to!):
Paint Pots:
Sci-Grip 3 Acrylic Solvent:
Dropper Bottles and Syringes:
Cuticle Trimmer:
Drill Mixers:
Free TotalBoat Pour Volume Calculator:”

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