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Hey Charlie Brown fans, this project features a giant pumpkin’s face carved into lighted pie tin reflectors. The pie tins are illuminated with two (2) strands of GE Color Effects color-changing LED holiday lights bulbs. The front string of iTwinkle GE lights is set to constant orange color, representing the 2D circular body of the pumpkin. Then, like a candle inside a real pumpkin, a second strand of GE lights is placed behind the pumpkin’s body to provide an animated light show in the eyes, nose, and mouth which were carved into the seven central pie tins.

Caution- this pumpkin has a wild side. Please see video for the Halloween night ghost bustin’ light show, with the pumpkin changing colors in sync with MP3 music..

This new project is most closely related to my prior Pie Tin Wreath Instructables project. The pumpkin body was made by filling in the middle “donut hole” area of the wreath with yet more pie tins. I wish I could say that no pie tins were injured in the building of this project, but repair and reuse tips for pie tins are provided.

8-inch Pie Tins (7)
9-inch Pie Tins (12)
GE Color Effects Holiday Lighting Stands (2)
Backing Board (corrugated plastic board and/or poster board used here)
Duct Tape (regular and aluminum metal style)
Scotch Tape-Frosted (light diffuser for the eyes, nose, mouth)
Green EL Light Strand (used to make a lighted stem for the top of the pumpkin)
Hanging supplies (wood block with eye hook)
X-Acto craft knife”

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