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Cypress Ships Secure IoT Device Management Solution with AWS Integration

PSoC® 64 Standard Secure AWS MCU Includes Pre-Validated Security Firmware to Help Reduce Design Risks, Slash R&D Costs, and Accelerate Time-to-Market

SAN JOSE, Calif., July 21, 2020—Cypress, an Infineon Technologies company, today announced production availability of its PSoC 64 Standard Secure Amazon Web Services (AWS) microcontroller (MCU). This new MCU includes pre-validated security firmware that helps designers significantly reduce design risks and R&D costs, and accelerate time-to-market. Building on the previously announced PSoC 64 Secure Boot MCU family, the device incorporates open-sourced Trusted Firmware-M embedded security, is Platform Security Architecture (PSA) Certified Level 1, and is FreeRTOS qualified for secure device management with AWS IoT Core.

ISO-certified secure provisioning services for the PSoC 64 Standard Secure AWS MCU are offered by Arrow Electronics, enabling OEMs to securely deploy IoT applications at scale.

“End-user privacy requires secure device management,” said Vikram Gupta, senior vice president of IoT Compute and Wireless business unit at Cypress. “As the newest component of our IoT-AdvantEdge solutions, the PSoC 64 Standard Secure AWS MCU eliminates design risks, and directly addresses the cost-of-ownership issues that development teams face when building their secure device management service.”

“It is critical that IoT devices can be trusted when connecting at any scale,” said Richard Barry, FreeRTOS founder and senior principal SDE of IoT Device Services, at Amazon Web Services, Inc. “With the PSoC 64 Standard Secure AWS MCU, Cypress integrates Trusted Firmware-M with FreeRTOS security and connectivity libraries. Combined with AWS IoT Core, this solution enables secure connectivity and cloud application interactions for devices on a large scale.”

PSA Certified was founded to improve the security and trust of IoT devices and their data,” said Andy Rose, chief system architect and fellow at Arm®, a founding member of PSA Certified. “Cypress is showing its commitment to IoT security by ensuring its PSoC 64 secure MCUs meet the PSA Certified guidelines, offering an important baseline of security that customers require.”

“Arrow’s technical collaboration with Cypress to provide certified secure programming and provisioning services for PSoC 64 secure MCUs enables customers to realize the full advantages of secure IP protection,” said Aiden Mitchell, vice president of Global Supplier and Engineering Services at Arrow. “Cypress designed the PSoC 64 secure MCUs to be available off-the-shelf to reduce inventory costs. We followed its lead by crafting our secure provisioning service around a standard MCU programming flow. This uniquely enables us to offer a cost-efficient supply chain for the PSoC 64 secure MCU line.”

Cypress’ PSoC 64 Standard Secure AWS MCU is one part of the company’s IoT-AdvantEdge solutions: comprehensive sets of building blocks that enable IoT products to get to market faster and more cost effectively. Cypress’ IoT-AdvantEdge drastically simplifies the design experience by delivering unfailing connectivity combined with security and local processing in an integrated solution. These solutions help reduce or eliminate design risks so developers can bring their secure, connected products to market faster, cheaper, and with fewer headaches.”

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