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My first dub siren build was a little over complicated. Although it worked well, you needed 3 x 9V batteries to power it which was overkill and I had to build the main circuit on a prototype board.
The first video is a demo of the sounds that you can make with the dub siren. The second is a longer one of the build
This time around I designed a PCB for the dub siren and had it printed. This saved a lot of space and pretty much removes any wiring issues. Along with the custom PCB , the dub siren also includes a echo module and a stereo module, both off the shelf.
The great thing about including an echo module is you get a really rich sound out of the dub siren and it add’s another sound level altogether.
I also manged to get the battery down to 1 li-po phone battery which is rechargeable. There is still a lot of wires as you need to connect 7 pots to the dub siren and echo module but it’s a whole lot easier when you have pins on the PCB’s to connect to.
Including a stereo module means you don’t have to plug it into a speaker. Although you still can plug it into one if you want to and really get it pumping.”

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