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Mbed Studio 1.0 released

I’m pleased to announce that the 1.0 release of Mbed Studio is now available for macOS, Windows and Linux. You can download Mbed Studio from here:

With the number of developers with an Mbed account growing by 20% since the initial release last year, some of you might be new to Mbed Studio. Here is a summary of the features and some background:

New: Custom target management
New: Keil uVision exporter
New: Better source control workflows for git and
New: Completely overhauled documentation
New: Mbed OS 6 support with examples
New: Checkout progress for libraries added to the libraries panel
Full set of tools dependencies (git, hg, Arm Compiler 6, gdb, pyOCD, Mbed CLI, GreenTea, clangd etc) inluded with the product along with terminal access from inside Mbed Studio
Powerful Monaco editor including C++ intellisense for your development board and a source code minimap
Integration with Pelion Device Management Services
Preferences support for the editor and IDE
Workspace management and search capabilities
Support for Linux (Ubuntu 18 & 20)
Serial output (automatically launched when you connect a board)
Step debugging
Custom build profile support
We started on our journey toward this version of Mbed Studio around two years ago with a goal to make it easier for you to develop embedded and IoT products with Mbed OS, both in desktop and browser environments. We have been releasing updates and improvements steadily since 2019, with your bug reports and suggestions guiding us and helping us to prioritize where we focus.

By providing the full set of software tool dependencies required to work with Mbed OS in a single installer, Mbed Studio dramatically improves the first time set up of an Mbed environment. Our choice to work with the Eclipse Theia IDE framework has meant we have a codebase that includes the powerful Microsoft Monaco editor and a platform which can be deployed to the browser in future. Some of you are already helping to test out a closed preview of our browser release, so thanks for your input so far!

Ultimately, Mbed Studio will replace the Online Compiler, and we believe the experience is a big step up.”

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