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T3 Time Triangle Thing

In this guide we’ll show you how you can create a fun little physics based hourglass gadget. Hourglasses are used to track time, and this one ends up being sort of triangle shaped, so…yah, it’s a Time Triangle Thing.

We’ll go over the underlying simplified physics model also. It could be a useful approach for some other gadgets. It’s all written in CircuitPython.

Hardware Items
Below we link to the specific hardware items used in this guide. However, the key ingredients are:

A reasonably powerful main board that can run CircuitPython and has I2C
LED matrix or matrices
Therefore it’s possible to come up with potentially different arrangements. For example, an accelerometer breakout could be used with a non-Feather board. Or smaller LED matrices could be used, etc. Also, the battery can be whatever size you want.”

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