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A lowcost multi-pressure, multi-speed massager with timer for Joint and muscular pain.

Joint pain and muscle pain are experienced by many women during menopause. I have attempted to build a device that provides relief and helps in reducing joint pain and muscle pain in the hands and legs. I guess every one of us enjoys that moment when a blood pressure reading is taken. The warmth and massaging effect that we feel in our hands when the cuff inflates does feel good right?! The technology is similar! The device will be controlled through a mobile application and will be very easy to use by any middle-aged woman. The fact that it is a low-cost product makes it a really affordable and useful device!

How does it work?
The device has two major components, pressure cuff, and the controller unit. When women experience joint pain or muscle pain during Menopause, say pain in the thighs, they will have to just wear the cuff around their thighs and then plug the cuff to the controller unit. They simply have to open an app on their phone and choose whatever pressure and speed they would feel comfortable with and set a timer and click on start. The massager will start and provides a relaxing and soothing massage and relieves them of any pain and make them happier.

Hardware Architecture
I have used the Arduino Nano microcontroller board which has an Atmega328P microcontroller and Arduino IDE 1.6.12 for programming in this project(There are newer versions available). For driving the solenoid air valve and the mini air pump, I have used a ULN2803A driver module. This module can take 5V input and can handle up to 500mA on every output pin. For powering the device I have used a power bank, it also works with a 5V 2A power adapter. The Arduino shall give control signals to the driver according to the configurations made on the app. Bluetooth module HC-05 is used for communication with the phone.”

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