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Electronics Project Box with Perfboard

I was constructing a circuit to key my amateur radio transceiver from a Raspberry Pi running fldigi. I needed a piece of perfboard and a plastic box, so I designed then using OpenSCAD. The file keyerbox17.scad is the plastic box and perfboardkeyer9.scad is the piece of perfboard with a footprint on each end for a connector and space for an audio transformer. You can easily customize the size of the box and the perfboard for your own projects.

I printed both in PLA and found that I could heat up the wires going through the perfboard holes without melting the PLA if I worked quickly.

The two halves of the box snap together. You have to be a little careful to avoid breaking off the tabs. If you are careful you can also reopen the box using a very thin blade to slightly pry the tabs out again.”

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