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Unique Random Formicarium (Pure OpenSCAD, Parametric)

This generates random 2d formicaria (“ant farms”) in pure OpenSCAD. Every time you generate a model, the result will be unique. I haven’t actually thought about habitability yet - this is so far just an experiment.

At the moment this has a 2d output intended to be able to be laser cut, so I’ll test in Customizer but I’m not sure how that will go. The idea is to eventually extrapolate this to a 3d model with some feature placement (water sources, etc), supporting a laser cut acrylic lid.

The pattern generated will never contain any “islands” inside the maze, so will not have loose pieces if cut without a base. If you want to edit the model afterwards to make your own entrances, just move the “entrance” tile position inside (this also serves as the starting point for maze generation, so must be valid).

It supports taking a seed that, given all other parameters being the same, should re-generate the same pattern.”

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