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Ex-MoD Keyboard project

This project has been on the backburner a while.. I originally picked up this AT-02 Marconi / MEDL keyboard a few years ago (2017), did not originally get to far, then jumped back on the project in early 2020. As far as I can see it’s a British military keyboard from 1989, but after a lot of research I could not confirm where it was originally used. It has a few interesting buttons such as: XALM, EW (electronic warfare?), MSGQ GET, PRNT SUSP, WPNS HOLD. If anyone has any insights as to what this would have been used for, I’d love to know.

Some model specs of the keyboard:

AT02 / AT-02 Marconi / Marconi Electronic Devices Ltd (MEDL)
NSN 7025-99-588-1302 (first seen 1989)
After a couple of aquisitions in the 90s, 2000s, MEDL now exists under Dynex Semiconductor Ltd.”

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