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Portable 3,3V/5V Power Supply

In this project I present you the power supply module I use mainly for my ARDUINO projects.
Basically the circuit use a 3,7V 1800 mAh Lithium battery connected to a breadboard power supply module
This configuration give us a 3,3V / 5V 750 mAh power supply you can use for your ARDUINO projects to connect other USB devices or to charge little toys.
The Lithium battery can be charged from a external power supply using a micro USB connector or from a 6 V solar panel.
A mini voltage meter show us the load voltage when we press its control button.
I hope you like.

One double sided PCB prototype board (7 cm x 9 cm)
One breadboard power supply module 3.3V/5V
One micro USB Lithium battery charger
One DC-DC boost converter
One 6V 2W solar panel
One mini voltmeter
Two banana plug connectors and two banana plug sockets”

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