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HackSpace magazine #20

Maker perfection is a journey not a destination. We’re all permanent students, and there’s always more to learn, so we’ve pulled together 50 of our top maker tips in this issue to help you be a better maker. Whether you’re a programmer who dabbles in metalwork, a crafter who likes to add electronics to builds or a woodworker who needs some new inspiration, there’s something here to make you a better maker.
Find out what it’s like to build a project for the most powerful man in the world, how a wooden bike feels compared with steel, and what to use when you need a leather look for a costume and don’t want any cows to die needlessly.
PLUS there’s a heap of tutorials:
Tell the time on a laser cut word clock
Grow hydroponic veg indoors
Build a home-made CNC machine
Tap screws in metal
Turn an Adafruit CPX into a games console”

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