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CC/CV Power Supply

Power supply is one of the most important tool on your workbench, but they are too expensive (like >50 for the 30v 5 amps version).Today I want to make a good and cheap power supply, it will not be precise like what you buy, but it will cost less than 20.
This power supply can be used in different cases:
is a CC/CV that mean constant current/costant voltage so is perfect to charge lithium battery and almost any type of battery, but make attention when you do that, it can be very dangerous in case you wrong to set voltage or if the battery are damaged, so please, don’t do this if you are not an expert.generic power supply up to 18 v and 4 amps (in my case, depending on wich power supply you will choose) you can power your new circuit with the current limitation, so if something went wrong you don’t broke everything”

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