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NodeMCU and Wi-Fi Remote Control Apps for Mobile Phones

Step-by-step guide on how to develop wi-fi remote control HTML5 applications for mobile phones and use them in IoT applications with NodeMCU and compatible devices (ESP8266 / ESP32)

Nowadays it has now become common practice to use mobile phones as a remote control in IoT applications and for this there are several development alternatives such as:

Android Studio
App Inventor
Swift (Apple)
What we are going to show here is an alternative solution for developing native mobile applications using HTML5 and known technologies such as: :

JQuery: Javascript library that facilitates the manipulation of elements and events in WEB pages. .

Onsen UI: Framework of responsive CSS components for developing mobile web applications with technologies such as HTML5, CSS, Javascript .

PhoneGap: Framework for generating hybrid mobile applications from web applications .

Hybrid mobile applications are applications that combine native components and web components.
From the user’s point of view, a hybrid application is identical to a native application. However, internally, a hybrid application uses a web view component that contains most of the content and logic of the application.”

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